FARO Scene3D

FARO SCENE - FARO's 3D Documentation Software for terrestrial and handheld Scanners.


If the licensed software SCENE is designed to process and register scanned data, why do we need it's simplified version named SCENE LT?

Faro SCENE LT is a free viewer that enables the professional user to view existing FARO® scans and workspaces made with Faro Focus. It is able to import CAD models in VRML format in order to compare them with the scan points.


Faro SCENE LT can be downloaded here.

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SCENE LT software is suitable when beside a scanner operator more people working on the project. Each participant on the project can access to the scan data with SCENE LT on his computer. Scene LT software is also suitable in the case when we have hired an external contractor for scanning purposes and we want to review the acquired data ourselves.


  • Opening projects (projects) created with the SCENE licensed software.


  • Import CAD models into VRML (* .wrl) format
  • Importing other scanning projects
  • Importing images
  • Importing individual scans


  • View and measure scanned data
  • Viewing imported and measuring imported CAD models
  • Make cross-sections of scanned data
  • Edit view orientations
  • "Walk" view by which we can "walk" through the spaces


  • In addition to scanning, the project can be exported in various formats for further processing in other programs: E57, VRML, DXF, XYZ Ascii, XYZ Binary, IGES, PTS, Pointools, CPE
  • Export 360 ° images: JPEG, PNG, TIF, Bitmap