FARO Sphere

With FARO Sphere, the 3D world is at your fingertips. FARO Sphere provides a single point of truth for all reality data collected on a job site, accessible on your web browser in real time. By eliminating data silos and speeding up data capture and processing, this solution ensures that your project team has access to up to date information at any time from anywhere so you can make better decisions faster. As the hub for all your service, training and technical documentation needs, you’ll always know where to go to get the answers you need.


Cloud Platform for Reality Data

FARO Sphere is a cloud-based information platform that provides its users a centralized, collaborative experience across the company’s reality capture applications and customer support tools through a secure, single point sign-on process that when paired with the Stream mobile app, enables faster 3D data capture, processing and project management anywhere in the world.

Sphere systematizes every activity while remaining intuitive to navigate, allowing users the ability to better organize their 3D scans and manage that data across diverse teams around the world. With FARO WebShare, an application within Sphere, users can view and explore project-based data with unmatched ease and efficiency.